Waitlist Alerts

Automatically message your waitlisted client's when a spot opens before class.

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Fill Those Last-Minute Spots

Your client’s aren’t automatically added off the waitlist into the class during your late cancel window. Make sure your waitlist gets notified the moment a spot opens.

Our software makes sure every spot is full and saves your staff time from having to watch and manually reach out when a spot is open.

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How it Works

  1. Jane Smith late cancels 3 hours before class. The late cancel window is 10 hours. The waitlist has 5 people on it and they won’t automatically be added to class.
  2. AXLE sends a text or email one-at-a-time to the client's in order of priority to let them know that spot is available.
  3. Sarah Williams receives a text letting her know that a spot is available. She opens her app and adds herself to class.


What if I don't have a consumer booking app?

No worries. We can customize the language in the text to instruct them to book through whatever workflow you recommend.

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